ANAVRIN project. what is it ?

ANAVRIN is a new age information group of platforms (Website, Facebook Group, Facebook and Instagram page, YouTube channel). ANAVRIN help the new generation of people to get informed and discuss about everything related to sexuality and love, thanks to a team of reliable medical experts, that will give relevant set of information and expertise to everyone.
After discussing with people, NGO, medical experts and sexual education specialists in India…  Our first observation was the following: there is no sexual education in India. However, people are of course aware of the subject, but we noticed that generally, the information they got are far not enough helpful and can also create misunderstandings.
Also, on the internet, it was difficult for us to access to a complete and relevant set of information related to sexuality from a single website. It wasn’t easy to find answers to questions as “Which contraception shall I use? “, “How to use correctly a condom?” or “What are STI’s/STD’s?”. And even far more difficult to talk to someone that would answer to these questions.
We think the discussion needs to be opened up with a set of accurate information and support. Thus, we came up with the Idea of ANAVRIN, to help the new generation of people to learn more about sexuality and love.

ANAVRIN is a charitable organization

Why donate to ANAVRIN Project ?

This project is non-profitable and will be financed only from donations, help and partnerships. More than a simple sexual education website, ANAVRIN is a social project, with the aim to help a as much as we can, people among the community. We inform them about everything related to sexuality and the rights and responsibilities that come with it : about their right to choice, adolescence, gender, contraception, periods… The main objective of this project is to open up a discussion to make sure that people are aware of sexuality and can grow up as self-confident adults.



We want to create a community to help each and everyone


We give people a free access to a large set of relevant information


We respect diversity of people, we are honest and trustworthy.